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Through collaborative leadership we supplied a pipeline of $812 million in new capital investment projects to strengthen and diversify the assets in Iowa. But beyond big number private-sector prospects we also work with the progressive small businesses, nonprofits, civic leaders, workforce, education institutions, utilities, transportation, housing, etc to maximize productivity and long-term prosperity in our evolving economic landscape.

Manufacturing Update: TEN reasons Iowa is a leader in Wind Energy Manufacturing

This week about 25 economic developers from all over Iowa will be working with Governor Chet Culver from Dallas, Texas at the Windpower 2010 Conference to increase awareness for unique benefits Iowa has to offer the industry. For Iowa, one of the highlights of the conference so far must be during a Supply Chain Q&A session when Jeff Anthony,  Business Development Director of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), was asked where does he think is the best place to locate a manufacturing plant. Without missing a beat he answered, Iowa. Here are some of the reasons why:
  1. Iowa ranks second nationally in current wind generation output with 3,670 megawatts installed with 2,136 turbines across the state. (American Wind Energy Association, 2009).
  2. Iowa leads the nation in job creation in manufacturing jobs in the wind sector (American Wind Energy Association, 2009)
  3. Iowa leads the nation in wind generation as percentage of total power output at 15 %. (IPP 2009)
  4. Iowa is a magnet for wind energy manufacturing companies, attracted by Iowa’s strong manufacturing base, excellent transportation infrastructure and skilled workforce. As of February 2009, nine international manufacturing companies have located in Iowa (Iowa Department of Economic Development, 2009).
  5. More than 200 Iowa companies in 26 counties are now supplying the wind industry, generating more than $50 million in new revenue for Iowa companies annually. (Iowa Department of Economic Development, 2009)
  6. The Iowa Power Fund and Iowa Office of Energy Independence– created by the Iowa Legislature in 2007 – provides a $100 million grant resource to promote the goals of Iowa energy independence.  (Iowa Department of Economic Development, 2008)
  7. The Iowa Power Fund is dedicated to promoting and bolstering Iowa’s burgeoning wind industry through funding research and development, early commercialization, and innovation that leads to market transformation (Office of Energy Independence, 2008).
  8. Iowa-based MidAmerican Energy, with 1,940 megawatts, owns more wind turbines than any other investor owned electric utility in the nation (American Wind Energy Association, 2008).
  9. Iowa Lakes Community College offers a diploma and Associates Degree through their wind tech program. The first in the nation program provides graduates who will serve the industry in a variety of ways. (Iowa Lakes Community College, 2008).
  10. Currently, there are 2,300 jobs committed to wind in Iowa, and 71 wind installations in the state. (Iowa Department of Economic Development, 2010)

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One Comment on “Manufacturing Update: TEN reasons Iowa is a leader in Wind Energy Manufacturing”

  1. Rob Denson May 26, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    To see what many colleges in Iowa and across the midwest are offerring in the energy fields of wind, solar, bio, etc. see http://www.midwestpowerskills.com

    #9. Iowa Lakes has also been featured in a fantastic Duracell ad that has run nationally. Great exposure for them and Iowa.

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