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Through collaborative leadership we supplied a pipeline of $812 million in new capital investment projects to strengthen and diversify the assets in Iowa. But beyond big number private-sector prospects we also work with the progressive small businesses, nonprofits, civic leaders, workforce, education institutions, utilities, transportation, housing, etc to maximize productivity and long-term prosperity in our evolving economic landscape.

Foundation Update: 40 Nonprofits to make $2.9M direct economic impact

A Foundation is a different kind of organization. It does not put out fires. It does not rescue animals. Nor does it educate young people on how to use new technology. However, it does create and grow financial resources in perpetuity to help nonprofits fulfill community needs. In 2010 $95K was awarded to 40 community organizations/projects across Tama County with an economic impact of $2.9M. Many of them are still working to raise the money necessary to complete the projects. Please see if any projects fit the types of causes to which your family or business contributes.

  1. City of Chelsea, Chelsea:
    Computer & Software. Total Project Cost: $10,180
  2. Clutier Betterment Committee, Clutier:
    Historic Hotel Restoration. Total Project Cost: $6,664
  3. Dysart Historical Society, Dysart:
    Agricultural Museum & Interpretive Center. Total Project Cost: $87,000
  4. City of Elberon, Elberon:
    Furnaces for Community Building. Total Project Cost: $7,000
  5. Elberon Public Library, Elberon:
    6 New Computers. Total Project Cost: $2,000
  6. Garwin Community Revitalization Committee, Garwin:
    Power to Community Center as Shelter During Disasters. Total Project Cost: $5,174
  7. American Legion Post 127, Gladbrook:
    All Veterans Park & Memorial. Total Project Cost: $15,000
  8. Crayon Corner Learning Center, Gladbrook:
    Appliances for New Daycare & Learning Center. Total Project Cost: $800,000
  9. Gladbrook Community Foundation, Gladbrook:
    New Screen Doors at Tama County Fair Grounds.Total Project Cost: $5,550
  10. Gladbrook Fire Department, Gladbrook:
    Furnace Replacement. Total Project Cost: $3,600
  11. Gladbrook Theater Board, Gladbrook:
    Handicapped Entrances, Heating Improvements, Coat Rack. Total Cost: $7,560
  12. Vision Gladbrook, Gladbrook:
    Electronic Digital Message Sign on Highway 96. Total Project Cost: $37,776
  13. Tama Public Library, Tama:
    Audio Books on CD.Total Project Cost: $3,000
  14. Tama-Toledo Chamber of Commerce, Tama-Toledo:
    Signage for New Bypass on Highway 30. Total Project Cost: $60,764
  15. Tama-Toledo Chamber of Commerce, Tama-Toledo:
    Business Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax Machine. Total Project Cost: $1,995
  16. Toledo Public Library Foundation, Toledo:
    Listening Literacy Resources. Total Project Cost: $2,000
  17. Wieting Theatre Board of Trustees, Toledo:
    Restoration & Renovation Project. Total Project Cost: $1,209,443
  18. North Tama Senior Center, Traer:
    Sowing Seeds for Youth. Total Project Cost: $10,340
  19. Traer Ambulance Service, Traer:
    Improved Portable Radios. Total Project Cost: $5,500
  20. Traer Chamber of Commerce, Traer:
    Traer Entrance Sign Project. Total Project Cost: $45,000
  21. Traer Public Library, Traer:
    Projector. Total Project Cost: $639
  22. Traer Salt & Pepper Shaker Gallery, Traer:
    Video Corner, Shelving & Displays. Total Project Cost: $23,560
  23. Mental Health Clinic of Tama County, County:
    Automatic Door Openers. Total Project Cost: $4,000
  24. North Tama County School District, County:
    Secondary School Mobile Computer Lab. Total Project Cost: $20,079
  25. South Tama County School District, County:
    Automatic Electronic Defibrillators. Total Project Cost: $4,500
  26. South Tama County School District, County:
    Resources for 8th Grade Math Students to Achieve 21st Century Skills.Total Project Cost: $2,650
  27. Tama County 4-H, County:
    Shooting Sports Club. Total Project Cost: $1,500
  28. Tama County 4-H, County:
    Lego League. Total Project Cost: $1,300
  29. Tama County Conservation Board, County:
    Nature Center, Main Exhibit Room. Total Project Cost: $450,000
  30. Tama County Council on Aging, County:
    Delivery of Services to Seniors. Total Project Cost: $4,500
  31. Tama County Economic Development, County:
    Communication materials. Total Project Cost: $7,600
  32. Tama County Historic Preservation, County:
    Communication materials. Total Project Cost: $500
  33. Tama County Historical Society, County:
    Computers, Software, Printer. Total Project Cost: $2,750
  34. Tama County Humane Society, County:
    Animal Housing for Holding, Grooming, & Vet Treatment. Total Project Cost: $11,500
  35. Tama County Livestock & Fair Association, County:
    Computers, Printer, Scanner, Software. Total Project Cost: $2,700
  36. Tama County Tourism, County:
    Communication materials. Total Project Cost: $11,000
  37. Union Middle School, County:
    Technology. Total Project Cost: $1,007
  38. Union Middle School, County:
    Consumer Science-Sewing Machines. Total Project Cost: $927
  39. Union Middle School, County:
    Consumer Science-Electric Ranges. Total Project Cost: $700
  40. Iowa Juvenile Home Foundation, State:
    Herbert Hoover School Library. Total Project Cost: $16,680

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