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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Housing Trust Fund Update: Local agencies pledge $17K and inter-disciplinary approach to healthy housing solutions

During the summer of 2010, the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund received requests for support for almost 50 Tama County residents. Current resources are not enough to fund every qualifying request for increased safety and health, but market intelligence gained through the process is helping us understand the need and barriers increasingly better to drive longer-term solutions. And with evolving understanding of the hurdles, the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund team kicked off the 2012 financial year funding campaign this week.

In order to gain access to the Year 2 $268,167 of state investment for our region, Tama County needs to demonstrate proportional capacity for local buy-in before October 1, 2010 of $9,577. That means for every $1 Tama County invests into our County’s high risk housing stock, the state would invest $5 into Tama County through Iowa Finance Authority. Region 6 Planning, Mid-Iowa Community Action and Tama County Economic Development in addition to a number of entities in and around Tama County recognizes the need to build and strengthen Tama County from the inside out using an inter-disciplinary approach. To this end these entities have pledged $16,760 of in-kind contributions to ensure equitable execution that maximizes each dollar invested.

Currently Tama County residential properties identified with Housing Trust Fund needs include:

  • Chelsea – 1 person
  • Clutier – 2 persons
  • Garwin – 9 persons
  • Gladbrook – 2 persons
  • Montour – 1 person
  • Toledo – 14 persons
  • Tama – 15 persons
  • Traer – 4 persons

Application deadline for the first round of the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund resources has passed, and the Year 2 round is not open yet. To learn more about the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund, be added to the mailing list for the next round of applications, or for info on other housing financing resources in Tama County Iowa, please touch base.


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