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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Real Estate Update: We can help companies cut costs by outsourcing jobs … to Tama County, Iowa?

Corporations with ambitious expansion and cost cutting agendas actively seek out labor and real estate markets where they can increase efficiency and lower expenses. If this is the objective, the State of Iowa has a statistical advantage having the 2nd lowest cost of doing business in the US (1). The state furthermore has a central US footprint and hundreds of incentive programs available. The challenge for Tama County, however, remains getting onto decision makers’ list of consideration with a palatable amount of information at the right time. Whatever the strategy or scope, it starts with easy, accurate fact sheets:
  1. Traer Industrial Park: (39 Acre Build-to-Suit Industrial Park) recently this property received a USDA grant to support putting in infrastructure. Strategically located just off US Highway 63, this site has capacity to capitalize on the area’s strong manufacturing labor force (view fact sheet)
  2. US Hwy 30 4-lane, Toledo: (12 Properties, 9.4 Built Square Feet on 83.26 Acres) Apart from increased capacity being located on a four-lane Central Iowa Network roadway connecting Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, the properties on this fact sheet south of the Business Hwy 30 are eligible for federal New Market Tax Credit estimated at 20-25% depending on the project. (view fact sheet)
  3. Former NAPA Building, Dysart: (12,024 square feet on 0.588 Acre) Currently Dysart does not have any empty storefronts on Main Street. And therein may lie the true testament in capacity for growth. In addition to the featured building the Dysart Industrial Park also has capacity for green field development (view fact sheet)
Thank you to Traer Development, Toledo Development, and Dysart Development for being our partners on the site selector direct mailing campaign for 2010. Leaders from each of these communities have selected key asset(s) to focus on in showcasing their community to prospects, and are financially supporting a portion of the printing costs. For Tama County’s formal comprehensive list of available buildings and sites visit Location One Information System (LOIS).
(1) Source: CNBC, 2010

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  1. Industry Update: Tama County local retail and service income outperforming the State? « Tama County Iowa - October 10, 2010

    […] also benefit a community’s local retail and service income. Dysart, Toledo, and Traer are examples where commercial real estate assets are proactively marketed to stimulate new investment to ultimately lead to increase in number of businesses and ultimately retail and service sector […]

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