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Through collaborative leadership we supplied a pipeline of $812 million in new capital investment projects to strengthen and diversify the assets in Iowa. But beyond big number private-sector prospects we also work with the progressive small businesses, nonprofits, civic leaders, workforce, education institutions, utilities, transportation, housing, etc to maximize productivity and long-term prosperity in our evolving economic landscape.

Convention & Visitors Bureau Update: Bus Tours coming to Tama County Small Towns Increases

Annually an estimated 1.5 million visitors come to Tama County, Iowa (1). We have all seen the buses crisscrossing US Highway 30 & 63 with out-of-state license plates. And often we assume they are coming to our Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel to experience Iowa’s biggest full service casino. But there is even more to this growing success story of rural tourism…

In 2007 Matchstick Marvels was recognized as Iowa’s top small town attraction welcoming 100+ buses into small town Gladbrook. And even through a recession, the number of bus tours to Dysart has increased. Why? Because the community combined a unique set of resources in an authentic way to craft a creative Iowa small town experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. And in Traer? Even though the Guinness Book of World Record Salt ‘n Pepper Shaker Gallery has not formally opened, bus tour planners know about it and have been asking if their group could get special treatment and get a sneak peak. And of course true to Tama County, Iowa hospitality, they have been welcomed in. But these are just some of our tourism industry success stories…

Tama County has a spectacularly unique and successful tourism industry as a rural economy. Lending to its further growth potential are growing public-private partnerships and the fact that 50% of all Iowa’s tourism investment happens within one hour of Tama County (2). On Wednesday four representatives from some of Tama County’s  top attractions will visit with Bus Tour planners again to share with them some itineraries and ideas on places to visit. Not only to promote their attraction, but also some of our other 300+ Tama County Convention and Visitors Bureau attractions that can accommodate larger groups of around 40 visitors. Click here to view a copy of the most updated Tama County Bus Tour Sample Itineraries.

Mon. Oct. 4, 9 a.m.
Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel
Tama, Iowa
Free. Public welcome.

(1) Klaasen Hospitality Report, 2004
(2) Iowa Department of Economic Development, 2009


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  1. Industry Update: Tama County local retail and service income outperforming the State? « Tama County Iowa - October 10, 2010

    […] and bringing dollars in from outside the community is an especially powerful economic accelerant. Examples of our exceptional communities bringing dollars from outside the county by the busload include Meskwaki, Dysart, Gladbrook, Montour, and Traer. Chelsea, Elberon, Garwin and Vining are […]

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