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Historic Preservation Update: Tama County Pioneer Cemetery Association wins the State Carter Award

Congratulations to the Tama County Pioneer Cemetery Association for winning the 2010 Robert & Phyllis Carter Education Award for their outstanding work in restoring, maintaining, and educating the public about 28 pioneer cemeteries in Tama County.  On Saturday October 9, 2010 the State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries (SAPIC) met at the Tama County Museum and Genealogy Library to present this award.

“[Tama County Pioneer Cemetery Association’s] example is an inspiration to all citizens in Iowa who value its sacred and cultural pioneer burial sites and who realize the importance of honoring our pioneer forebearers,” explained Pat Shaw, Chair of the Nominations Committee. This Tama County group furthermore advised and assisted neighboring counties get their Pioneer Cemetery programs off the ground.

Free Tama County maps with the locations of the Tama County Pioneer Cemeteries (and 100+ additional points of interests) are available at the Tama County Museum. A special thank you to the Tama County Board of Supervisors since 1997 for recognizing the importance of preserving our history and supporting this group, as well as Tama County Economic Development Commissioner, Gerry Kopriva for identifying and leading this opportunity to have this group recognized. Celebrating and communicating outstanding contributions with positive long-term impact on the greater community is an important part of the Tama County Economic Development Commission mission.


Photo: David Currell (Dysart), Ardene Cross (Clutier), Joyce Wiese (Toledo), Frank Adair (Toledo), all from the Tama County Pioneer Cemetery Association, and Gerald Kopriva (President, Tama County Historic Preservation Commission and Tama County Economic Development.)
Out of view:  Loren Emke (Garwin), Larry Vest (Tama County Board of Supervisors and Tama County Economic Development) and Lindi Roelofse (Tama County Economic Development).


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