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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Election Update: Tama County voter opinions still a strong microcosm of larger area

Over the past decade, national political journalists have shined a special spotlight on Tama County, Iowa. They explain that the underlying fascination is the rich diversity in political philosophy and the % of accuracy with which Tama County voters’ election outcomes mirror the national election outcomes (1). So considering what a dominant role economic development discussions played in the 2010 elections, how similar were the Tama County voters’ attitudes to six of the major State level election questions in 2010? (* denotes incumbent).
  1. Governor: Terry Branstad (R)
    Did Tama County agree: YES 52% (State 53%)
  2. Senate: Sen. Charles E. Grassley * (R)
    Did Tama County agree? YES 68% (State 65%)
  3. House of Representatives: Rep. Leonard Boswell * (D)
    Did Tama County agree? No 46% (State 51%)
  4. Major Ballot Measure 1: Create fund for land and water-quality preservation: Yes
    Did Tama County agree? YES 56% (State 62%)
  5. Major Ballot Measure 2: Have constitutional convention: No
    Did Tama County agree? YES 69% (State 67%)
  6. Retain the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices: No
    Did Tama County agree? YES 64% (State 54%)

Also, congratulations to the following local leaders and thank you for your dedication to public service:

  • Iowa House District 40: Rep. Lance Horbach* (R)
  • Tama County Board of Supervisors District 3: Larry Vest * (R)
  • Tama County Attorney: Brent D. Heeren* (R)
  • Tama County Recorder: Michelle Yuska (R)
  • Tama County Treasurer: Deb Kupka* (R)

(1) Chicago Tribune, 2008
(2) Associated Press, 2010


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