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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

2010 EDIES Story 10 of 24: Chelsea youth improves quality of life in community

Recognizing the youth’s contribution to bettering our community included a standout Eagle Scout from Chelsea this year.  He identified repainting equipment in a city playground as a project where his contribution and skills can communicate the community’s dedication to healthy active lifestyles of the next generation. Matt Upah of Chelsea, Iowa explains.  Remind me – what are the EDIES

HOW WE DID IT: The site of the project was the site of my former school.  I wanted to get a group of people together to clean it up and show pride in it. Our greatest accomplishment was stepping back and seeing all the hours we put in come together.

HOW WE GOT THE IDEA: While I was looking for an Eagle Scout project, it was brought up by my mom. The Chelsea community is where I grew up and attended school so I thought it was a great idea.  I found it fitting to help the area where I grew up.

OUR GREATEST CHALLENGE: Our greatest challenge was the fact that this was a large outdoor project being done in the fall so getting everything completed before the weather turned bad was the biggest obstacle.

HOW WE OVERCAME IT: We worked with the people that we had and worked every chance that we got: after school and weekends; if the time was free we were at the school.

ADVICE TO OTHERS: Once your mind is set on a goal/project go for it with all you have.  You may only get this one shot, don’t’ miss it.  It may help more people than you think.

WHAT IS NEXT: We plan on having the local 4-H group plant flowers at the site each year, and possibly have a day where they pick up trash.  This will help the area continue to look nice.  For more information, click www.tamacountyiowa.org/chelsea

Photo of Matt Upah and Chelsea Mayor Roger Ochs by Randy Aiken


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