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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

2010 EDIES Story 14 of 24: How a lumber yard rebuilt itself to better serve the needs of the community

When a local coop closed its doors, it did not take entrepreneurial leaders around Dysart long to piece together a plan to reopen the doors to let the enterprise evolve into its full income producing potential. Joe Roy and Scott Monat explain.  Remind me – what are the EDIES

HOW WE DID IT: Countless hours of hard work – cleaning, organizing, stocking, researching, and finding the right employees to serve Dysart and the surrounding communities with a full service lumber yard. 

HOW WE GOT THE IDEA: Being in the construction field for multiple years and knowing what kind of service should be expected from a lumber yard, gave us the drive to rebuild this yard (CnC); and also this yard being opened since the 1940’s shows how supportive this small community of Dysart really is. 

OUR GREATEST CHALLENGE: Finding the right people that are dedicated 100% to their job, and serving you with quality building materials and satisfaction guaranteed. 

HOW WE OVERCAME IT: In the fall of 2010 we hired an all new staff with more product knowledge, organization, discipline, and better customer relations in hopes of taking this company to the next level.

ADVICE TO OTHERS: Be supportive of your own community because they support you.

WHAT IS NEXT: We have near future plans to expand our hardware store area to carry a larger selection of items, have more displays and have an expanded showroom to help bring new ideas to the customer, builder, contractor.  Also removing some existing outdated buildings to make space for a new and more efficient way of supplying building materials to the community.

Photo of Daryl Hanus, Josh Wolf and Nick Harrison by Randy Aiken.


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