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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Foundation Reminder: 2011 Grant Applications due March 15.

The Tama County Community Foundation extends its friendly one week reminder to our Tama County Nonprofits, Schools and Government offices that Community Foundation applications need to be postmarked by March 15, 2011. If your organization is planning on tackling special projects to serve the greater good over the next year, you could use our local foundation as a jump-start or otherwise help close the financing gap to help it actualize. The application and questions are very similar to the last five years with two exceptions:

  1. Please type your application (instead of handwriting it), and print only on one side of the page
  2. Only 2 copies of the application are needed. (instead of 26 requested before). One needs to go to our Waterloo address and another one to our Tama County address in Toledo.

Details can be accessed by following the link to this editable application word document. This application is still one of the easiest and shortest grant applications available to nonprofits and governments of Tama County, and great starting point for people who want to try writing a grant for the first time. Also, don’t hesitate to touch base with your city’s local foundation representative to discuss the project and get some tips for making it as strong as possible. Two representatives have been appointed from every city (see www.tamacountyiowa.org/foundation.)

As in recent years, a little less than $100,000 is available to be distributed this year. We look forward to hearing your action plans on how to serve Tama County in the best way possible.

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