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Through collaborative leadership we supplied a pipeline of $812 million in new capital investment projects to strengthen and diversify the assets in Iowa. But beyond big number private-sector prospects we also work with the progressive small businesses, nonprofits, civic leaders, workforce, education institutions, utilities, transportation, housing, etc to maximize productivity and long-term prosperity in our evolving economic landscape.

Foundation Update: a record high 41 projects to receive grants at awards ceremony, July 6

Over the past week 41 nonprofit, government and educational project leaders received confirmation that the Tama County Community Foundation would like to support them financially in accomplishing their latest short-term goals. In essence $93,000 will be leveraged to accomplish $3 million in local investments in the form of products, services, supplies, and technology to serve the greater good. A public awards ceremony featuring info on each of these projects is set for July 6, 7 p.m. at the Reinig Toledo Center. Public is very welcome.

After receiving a record-breaking 63 grant applicants in 2010 with ideas on how to improve Tama County, Iowa from the people who live and work here, the 2011 grant cycle matched that exact record. The Tama County Community Foundation Board did decline to fund 19 projects on the basis technical disqualification and/or priorities that the group reached a consensus on. If you are a part of a project that went unfunded or is underfunded at this time, please do touch base with your community representative to find out how your objectives fit with those of this specific annual grant from gaming dollars for future reference. Other granting programs with different criteria are also available. You are also welcome to touch base with Tama County Economic Development to make an appointment so we can go over some additional financing options.

Supporting new nonprofit projects is not always just about protecting more fragile parts of our society or acquiring new material goods. Often a side benefit is that by tackling a common objective together community leaders can learn from each other and build confidence to tackle increasingly more complex projects that can fundamentally impact our economy. Maybe one of the 41 undertakings resonate with your vision for a healthier future and you can make a valuable contribution? Experts predict that as the government scales back services, expert staff and financial resources to serve our collective interests, local residents and businesses will need to take on more civic responsibility themselves, learn new skills, be better informed and collaborate better with each other to overcome emerging challenges that may have been delegated to the government in the past.

Wed. July 6, 7pm
Reinig Toledo Center
1007 Prospect Drive, Toledo
No cost.  Public welcome.
Please RSVP to joanne@tamacountyiowa.org or (641) 484-3108 with the size of your group so we can make appropriate accommodations.

Pictured: Joanne’s “Sweet System” for keeping track of the record high 16,120 pages of Tama County Community Foundation applications in 2010. Thank you to our constructive leaders who helped us increase productivity with the use of new processes and technology in 2011. While maintaining the record high number of applications we only had 7,400 pages to tame this round.


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