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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Foundation Update: Meet 40 leaders planning on making a $2.3M direct economic impact while serving the greater good

Last night leaders of 40 community organizations/projects across Tama County came together to receive a $90,000 portion of the funds necessary to make a direct economic impact of $2.3 million.  Many of them are still working to raise the money necessary to complete their projects.  Meet the leaders with a wide variety of backgrounds and see what they are working on causes you also care about. 1 in 4 Americans volunteer. Are you one?

  1. Chelsea Community Club, Chelsea:
    Replace windows, insulate and steel siding of Community Club building.  Total Project Cost: $35,233
  2. North Tama County Elementary School, County:
    Technology empowering 21st century learning.  Total Project Cost: $19,200
  3. Tama County Conservation Board, County:
    Tama County Nature Center main exhibit room construction.  Total Project Cost: $450,000
  4. Wieting Theatre & Opera House, Toledo:
    Lighting, sound & live theatre components & HVAC design plans.  Total Project Cost: $1,209,443
  5. Tama County Humane Society, County:
    Two heating & cooling systems for animal shelter.  Total Project Cost: $14,395
  6. City of Clutier, Clutier:
    Upgrade bunker gear for volunteer firemen.  Total Project Cost: $14,180
  7. Pilgrim Heights Camp & Retreat Center, Montour:
    Four Seasons Conference Room project.  Total Project Cost: $31,475
  8. City of Tama Ambulance Service, Tama:
    Styker Power Pro ambulance cot.  Total Project Cost: $12,936
  9. Garwin 4th of July Committee, Garwin:
    Enclosure & stage for dances, bands, and other outside events.  Total Project Cost: $45,000
  10. Region 6 Housing Trust Fund, County:
    Tama County Housing Trust Fund.  Total Project Cost: $61,334
  11. Mental Health Clinic of Tama County, County:
    Installation of security lights in parking lot.  Total Project Cost: $8,986
  12. Gladbrook Fitness & Wellness Center, Gladbrook:
    Swimming pool heating system.  Total Project Cost: $25,500
  13. Kids Corner Child Care Center, Toledo:
    New software & computers.  Total Project Cost: $7,500
  14.  Garwin Community Revitalization Committee, Garwin:
    Electronic message board.  Total Project Cost: $13,485
  15. Dysart Historical Society, Dysart:
    Plumbing & electrical equipment and installation at Dysart Agricultural Museum.  Total Project Cost: $103,000
  16. Crayon Corner Learning Center, Gladbrook:
    Baby cribs, swings, and computer tables.  Total Project Cost: $8,520
  17. Tama County Historical Society, County:
    New microfilm reader/printer.  Total Project Cost: $11,925
  18. Dysart Development Corporation, Dysart:
    Expanding website and brochures.  Total Project Cost: $12,000
  19. Iowa Juvenile Home Foundation, State:
    True Colors Activity Program.  Total Project Cost: $7,570
  20. Toledo Public Library Foundation, Toledo:
    Young adult reference materials.  Total Project Cost: $3,000
  21. Genesis Development (Pheasant Ridge), County:
    Electronic documentation upgrade to ensure government funding.  Total Project Cost: $9,374
  22. Union Middle School, Dysart:
    Technology.  Total Project Cost: $2,501
  23. Tama County Economic Development, County:
    Investment in technology and communications.  Total Project Cost: $17,620
  24. Northeast Iowa Food Bank, County:
    Elderly nutrition program.  Total Project Cost: $133,020
  25. Clutier Public Library, Clutier:
    Two new computers.  Total Project Cost: $2,000
  26. City of Vining, Vining:
    Making City Hall handicap accessible.  Total Project Cost: $3,730
  27. Traer Salt & Pepper Shaker Gallery, Traer:
    Shaker gallery display case, doors & shelving.  Total Project Cost: $1,644
  28. South Tama County High School – Building a Community of Readers,  County:
    Materials & stipend for teacher to conduct book club.  Total Project Cost: $1,470
  29. South Tama County Middle School – 6th Grade Literacy Class, County:
    ELMO document camera for use in 6th grade literacy class.  Total Project Cost: $1,469
  30. 20th Century Dept. of Dysart Women’s Club, Dysart:
    Shades for Dysart Community Building.  Total Project Cost: $1,985
  31. Tama County Convention & Visitors Bureau, County:
    Helping visitors connect wirelessly.  Total Project Cost: $2,620
  32. Tama County Council on Aging, County:
    Delivery of services to seniors.  Total Project Cost: $5,800
  33. Traer Winding Stairs Festival, Traer:
    Six new E-Z Up canopies for festival and community use.  Total Project Cost: $1,400
  34. Pied Piper Preschool & Daycare, Traer:
    Refrigerator & freezer for basement storage of food.  Total Project Cost: $1,113
  35. Tama Public Library, Tama:
    Document camera & projector with accessories.  Total Project Cost: $1,646
  36. Union Middle School, Dysart:
    Family & Consumer Science – sewing machines.  Total Project Cost: $957
  37. Tama-Toledo Branch of AAUW, Tama-Toledo:
    Latinas al Exito Program.  Total Project Cost: $860
  38. Union Middle School, Dysart:
    Family & Consumer Science – electric ranges.  Total Project Cost: $750
  39. Elberon Public Library, Elberon:
    FY12 Iowa Award books.  Total Project Cost: $717
  40. Tama County Historic Preservation, County:
    Publication of annual report.  Total Project Cost: $800

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