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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

2011 EDIES Story 1 of 24: Czech out this Mainstreet Makeover!

Tama County is very proud of entrepreneurs that grow up in our rural towns with good values, gaining practical skills and then starting up businesses all over the world. But what makes Paul Dvorak an extraordinary Tama County entrepreneur is not that he has a successful business in Dallas, Texas. It is actually the fact that in 2011 he also invested in opening a business in his hometown of Clutier. With the support of a local manager, his brother and crew of 17 people, Paul’s vision transformed downtown Clutier into an even stronger celebration of Czech cuisine, hospitality and architecture.  Remind me – what are the EDIES.

How we did it: After assessing the condition of two vacant storefronts in Clutier, I decided to invest the resources necessary to provide a community restaurant and pub.  Almost six months was spent in the restoration process, which provided totally renovated buildings featuring original historic architecture.

How we got the idea: With a continuing decline of businesses on Main Street, I felt a responsibility to give back to the community that helped raise me.  I focused on providing a public place where residents of Tama County and beyond could gather and socialize while enjoying good food and refreshments.

Our greatest challenge: The renovation of the building proved to be much more costly that anticipated.  The kitchen was completely rebuilt, the utility systems had to be updated and all walls, ceilings and floors were totally redone.  In addition, the unknown structural damage to the façade and the summer storm damage hampered the planned opening.

How we overcame it: While unforeseen obstacles continued to hamper the planned progress, my commitment never wavered. I overcame every challenge by providing the resources that were needed.  I obtained the needed contractors, purchased the proper equipment and hired the staff to get the restaurant & pub open, albeit later than was originally planned.

Advice to others: Investing in local businesses is a great way to give back to a community.  In return the community members will show their support by frequenting the business and getting others to do the same.

What is next: The Czech Point wants to expand its business.  Our hope is that the circle of patrons will get bigger and bigger.  We invite citizens of the large surrounding municipalities to drive to Clutier for their dining pleasure.  A future plan is to have the Czech Point food available for catering.

For more info on the Czech Point Restaurant and Pub, go to its website at www.czechpointclutier.com.

Photo by Randy Aiken [Czech Point manager Steve Mundt]


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