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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

2011 EDIES Story 13 of 24: Tama County’s “The Other White Meat” spreads their marketing wings

It’s not really a party until the Tama County Pork Producers roll in with their pimped out trailer and crew of about 25 to grill for thousands of people. And if you have not seen them, it’s probably because you are not getting out enough. Apart from smaller hometown festivals they also appear at some big ticket events in Iowa including the World Pork Expo, Iowa Speedway, Iowa State Fair, Meskwaki Concerts, and Hawkeye athletic events to name a few. But they are also making a name at events outside the State of Iowa to battle chicken producers (a.k.a. the other white meat). In 2011 you could also find them in Florida at the Gator Bowl, at the Florida State Fair or on TV during the 175 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East/West Challenge. In January 2011 the Tama County Pork Producers were also awarded the 2010 Best County Educational Program Award for outstanding dedication to promotion of Pork 2011 Pork Congress.  Remind me – what are the EDIES.

Our mission was to promote and sell more pork at In State and Out of State promotions by giving away samples of pork to potential customers.  We have provided pork samples in Boston, Denver, New Orleans, Newton Speedway, Florida-Georgia football game, National Pork Expo and Fareway 4th of July promotions and other major events held throughout the state of Iowa.  We also take charge of the Pork Tent for six hours on the first day of the Iowa State Fair.

We heard from people all over the country who didn’t know about pork burgers, chops and other pork cuts and they didn’t know how to get them.

This was getting our foot in the door at grocery stores.

We contacted grocery chains, event sponsors, Newton Speedway and offered to come and grill free pork samples and give out literature on pork.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond the normal process and make new contacts to make your goal work.

The Tama County Pork Producers will be getting more involved in promotions at the Newton Speedway and other state promotions to show our product to all potential customers in the United States.

Photo credit to Wayne’s Photography: [seated left to right]: Monica McKenna, Doris Gienger, Phillip McKenna, David Brezina, Jo Anne Sash, Sheryl Jesina; [standing left to right]: Brent Beichley, Jason Gienger, Dean McKenna, Keith Sash, Craig Kajer, Dennis Hosek, Bill Jesina, Dennis Gienger


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