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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.


I am taking a break from discussing Economic Development to salute a true pillar of our county that we lost this past week.

Doc, Woody, Dr. Davis, Dad, Grandpa, Brother-in-Law, or in my case Father-in-law – but, I think, out of all these, the common denominator which everyone will agree is contained in the most descriptive title for him….that word is FRIEND… and that word, Friend, to me, symbolizes or describes most closely the relationship I had with the Man that we lost last week, Durwood D. Davis, DVM.

Woody was a FRIEND to everyone he met. He had an irrepressible desire and ability to make new acquaintances wherever he went, even if for a short time.

He had a wonderful sense of humor… delighted in telling stories… and jokes both good and bad….The children would howl and the adults would wince, every time he mentioned the Christmas Vacation movie quote “THE BLESSING”.

Woody was predictable… he always mentioned that quote… you knew it was coming…But, that was Doc… predictable… steady… always there… a FRIEND…

He was interested in everything… and knew a lot about everything he was interested in. Like everything else in his life, he shared his knowledge and experience, freely, with all. I know, now, that Doc wanted to know a little about everything so that he could help those around him.

It seems he always felt a deep responsibility for others……I guess his occupation as a Veterinarian was a perfect fit. It gave Woody an avenue to help farmers for 53 years. On the few calls when I tagged along I noticed that there was always a friendly banter between Woody and his clients. I saw the special bond between these two professions.

“Attitudes vary,” Doc told me one time. “A few farmers are all business, but most are great and I’ve gotten to know them well – some of these guys are my best friends.”

Woody would not be content unless he could lighten his client’s load…..But, again, that’s the kind of Man Doc was… a helpful man… One who was always willing to pull his weight…Especially in a time of crisis.  Steady… predictable… friendly…

Doc was prone to many random acts of kindness (many were discussed at his funeral)… I’ll relate one that I personally witnessed several years back… It was the Saturday before Easter and Woody asked me if I wanted to ride out to his farm and check on his cows. On the way he pulled into the drive of a small farm house, he got out of the truck and reached behind the seat and gabbed three huge wicker Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, toys and more. He told me NOT to knock on the door. We left them on the porch and continued on, nothing more said.

He would give of himself and his resources, freely; a FRIEND to all he encountered. I believe Doc really only wanted to be needed….to help…..and he was always there when he was needed.     You could count on him…

Woody can rest easy… He has helped all who knew him carry their Load.

We’ll miss you… FRIEND.


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