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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Tama County Pitch & Build Q1 2013

The Tama County Economic Development Q1 2013 Pitch & Build took place on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, at the Reinig Center in Toledo, Iowa.  Tama County entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to a group of business leaders and industry professionals.  They were judged on strategy, economic impact on Tama County, clarity of vision, creativity, and likeliness to succeed.

Deb Oliver is a part of the Heartland ActionCOACH team and serves part-time as a business coach for businesses throughout eastern Iowa.   She has earned a master in Organizational Behavior and a PhD.  Her diverse employment background serves her well in working with companies and organizations to evaluate their marketing and sales efficiency.  The ActionCOACH system starts with sharing five areas of marketing and sales that all businesses should be concerned with.

Phil Sankot and Pat O’Rourke of Solid Waste Energy, Inc. did an investment pitch for creating a working model of their gasification system right here in Tama County for prospects to tour.  This model would allow them to showcase their system running 24/7 to major industries interested in using alternate forms of energy.  A “green” byproduct of the system is the ability to safely and cleanly dispose of various biomass materials, including tires, wood chips, and corn.

Kathy Myers shared the steps she took to open her antiquing business, Kathy’s Barn, in downtown Tama.  Her passion has always been to buy and sell antiques and repurpose “junk”.  She started by clearing out a dairy barn on her property and keeping her inventory in there for folks to pick through.  She expanded to a storefront in Tama and created a Facebook page, which has  been very successful and has drawn in folks from across the country.

Jon Kriegel spoke about Oakridge Motocross which plans on constructing a two track motocross facility just north of Highway 30 near Garwin.  The tracks will provide a safe, fun, family-oriented environment in Tama County.  Motocross is a sport that is growing rapidly on a professional and amateur level, and this facility will accommodate a wide variety of rider skills from beginner to professional.  Their goal for the first year is to hold 5-7 races bringing at least 200 riders to each event.

And the winner is . . . Jon Kriegel of Oakridge Motocross.  The next Pitch & Build, 2013 Q2, will be held on Tuesday, May 28, 2013.


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