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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

How Big is Your Bull Today?

Milo grew up on a cattle farm in southern Italy. Like most boys his age he enjoyed the physical hand-to-hand sport of wrestling, but unlike other boys Milo was extremely small and frail. For when he was just a week old he became extremely ill and nearly died.

Milo’s father saw that wrestling and constantly losing to his classmates made his son extremely unhappy. So, as a distraction, he gave his son a small bull calf to raise as his own – hoping Milo would lose interest in wrestling.

One day, his father asked him, ‘How big is your bull today?’ Milo, to his father’s shock ran outside, picked up the calf and carried him to him. It became a game each day, his father would ask him ‘How big is your bull today?’ and each day Milo ran outside, picked up the bull and carried him to his father. Picking the calf up and carrying it EVERYDAY and every day the calf grew just a little bit bigger than the day before.  The bull calf eventually grew into a full grown bull and Milo’s strength grew greatly. His body was pushed daily to increase the weight it lifted, so eventually he was able to lift the great weight of a massive bull.

As you might expect eventually Milo’s wrestling losses turned to wins; in fact, he became the best wrestler to ever walk the planet.  His success in the early Olympics is hard to even get your mind around; he ended up winning an amazing 6 Olympic crowns in the grueling sport. This is an amazing feat as we all know the games are only held every 4 years.  No, it’s not a misprint his wrestling career spanned over 25 years. This level of dominance is unheard of in any sport but especially in wrestling.

As the years passed the legend of how Milo got his great strength grew and grew.  We know that the fable of how Milo became so strong is not likely to be entirely factually 100% true. It’s a fable and as all fables, it has a great moral lesson. We ALL can do something small (like lift a young calf) and we are all able to increase what we do every day by a little bit (lift a calf growing one or two pounds per day).

As we build Tama County’s economy, there are going to come up against things that seem big (like lifting a massive bull). We just need to remember to daily ask yourself the question ‘How big is your bull today?’ and run to pick up your calf. If we do this EVERYDAY we too will be amazed where we are at after some time passes.

Are you looking for a calf to lift? Here is one – on May 28th at 6pm is our next PITCH & BUILD COMPETITION. It is energizing to hear new ideas from people about their desire to see a brighter, stronger economic future in Tama County. Come do your lifting.


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