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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Deimco Breaks Ground on Major Manufacturing Expansion

Tama, Iowa (September 30, 2014)—Shi R2 Solutions, Inc., doing business as Deimco Finishing Equipment, today held a ground breaking ceremony for a new 10,800 square foot addition to its current facility.  The new addition will increase Deimco’s ability to simultaneously construct multiple projects.

“From window profiles, to bowling pins, to heavy implements, to silicone breast implants—if a coating can be sprayed or dispensed, we have the audacity to believe we can automate the process”, says Kirk Shirar, President of Deimco Finishing Equipment. “We recognize that customers need an engineered finishing system tailored to their specific requirements. As a designer and manufacturer, we are unique in our ability to customize finishing systems and our willingness to address special applications.”

Deimco Finishing Equipment was founded in 1983 in Marshalltown, Iowa and their first product was a pneumatic reciprocator.   Deimco Finishing Equipment moved to their present location in Tama, Iowa in 2003.   Deimco added a 7,000 square foot addition in 2005 which consolidated all manufacturing in Tama and enabled the design and build of larger turnkey systems for the fenestration and building product markets.     A cutting edge R & D lab has also been developed.   In addition to research and process development work, the lab is used to conduct and host frequent customer trials.

Now customers have the opportunity to run trials and affirm the equipment they purchase will meet requirements.  Deimco Finishing Equipment has thrived in Tama, Iowa.  “The Lord is certainly blessing Deimco Finishing Equipment.   We are grateful to the City of Tama, Tama County Economic Development, and the community for welcoming us so many years ago and for making a great place to conduct business. We look forward to being part of this community for many years.”

Garling Construction of Belle Plaine, Iowa has been contracted to complete the new addition.  Completion is expected in February, 2015.  For more information on Deimco Finishing Equipment go to http://www.deimco.com.


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