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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

Get Off the Porch

A guy is sitting in his house, minding his own business when the doorbell rings.

He answers and sees an attractive blonde in his doorway. “Hi!” she says. “I’m reeeeaaalllly broke and need money bad. I’ll do anything you want for $100!”

“Anything?” “Anything at all!”

“Alright, fine. Paint my porch.”

Surprisingly, the girl agrees. He tells her the paint and brushes are in the garage, have at it.

Half hour later, the doorbell rings again and the girl announces that she is finished.

“You’re done? How could you finish so quickly?”

“I dunno. I just am. By the way, that’s not even a porch, it’s a BMW!”

This story clearly illustrates the danger that making a false assumption can cause. Like the lady above, many people are fast to jump to a solution before taking the time to discover what was really requested. We’ve all done it. Making assumptions is in our nature, we are inherently problem solvers.

Specifically on the subject of Tama County’s economy, I hear from many people that are concerned about the decline of our downtowns (and rightly so). When you look at the problem quickly, the logical answer is to bring in more retail stores to fill all the empty store fronts (cosmetic). The REAL answer to solving our declining downtown problem is to create jobs that create paychecks for the residents of our county that will in turn become customers that will be able to shop at the retail stores we have (and the more shops that will come).

The effort to create jobs has started in our county. We have the “can do attitude” that has helped build our country into a great nation.  We have not settled for hanging curtains in empty store fronts, we have taken the leap of faith to create real generational change that will last. Unlike politicians that give a rousing speech and move on to the next topic –  we have to see things through, and get things done.

We are all given 168 hours each week…. you can make a difference with these hours or make excuses why things didn’t work out; but the one thing which is undeniable is you can’t do both. As we grow, remember busy isn’t a good thing if it leads to no results.

All the businesses that make up our economy, we must take the time to think of our work or business in terms of big picture results, and not merely the daily activities. Just because you clocked 15 hours doing lots of activities doesn’t mean anything was really completed that truly added to the bottom line. Getting things done is what drives our economy.

In case you’ve been busy with your day-to-day and haven’t heard all the positive economic news on the horizon in Tama County – you can contact our office and we will get you up-to-date on all that is happening in the county.


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