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Economic Development is . . . (increasing the flow) of capital through the community and reducing its leakage.

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During Sunday mass, the priest asked the crowd: “How many of you forgave your enemies?”

Around 80% of them raised their hands. The priest then asked: “And how many of you intend to forgive your enemies?”, and almost everyone’s hand was now in the air. Everyone except a feeble, old lady in the front row.

“Ms. Rogers, don’t you intend on forgiving your enemies?” “I don’t have any!”, she replied through a chuckle. “Ms. Rogers, that’s very unusual, how old are you?” “98”, she proclaimed. “Oh, Ms. Rogers, why don’t you come up and share the secret with everyone? How does someone live to be 98 and have no enemies?” She walked up and gave everyone a polite smile before answering: -“I outlived them all.”

How are we doing in Tama County? According to the 2017 Iowa State University (ISU) Retail Trade Analysis report, not too bad. The chart below shows the 10- year trend in wage and salary employment in Tama County. Each year’s employment, which counts full-time and part-time jobs equally, is expressed as a percentage of baseline year employment. The statewide trend is included for comparison.

Area job growth creates earnings opportunities for current residents and it also helps to attract new residents to the region.


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