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My first year on the job has come and gone, during a worldwide pandemic.  To say the job has changed and become more challenging is an understatement.  Our economy has taken a hit and we need to come together to recover and continue our economic growth.  It is important we concentrate on efforts that can make an immediate impact and make certain we have not lost site of the long-term goals.  Development is happening throughout the county and even during this challenging time we have grown the local tax base.  Small businesses are working on expansion plans, new businesses have opened and plans continue to progress on new business expansions and openings. 

I still have so many ideas, and every community is working hard to make projects happen.  Our organization is proud to play a role in our short-term and long-term growth.  There is so much to work on and I am thrilled every day to see Tama County take a step forward.  Connectivity and collaboration are key.  I can bring enough enthusiasm to the table for all of us!

Continue to stay safe and help us move forward during this unprecedented time. 

There is so much to do.  Let’s get busy everyone!    

Katherine Ollendieck
Executive Director

Tama County Economic Development
211 W. State Street, P.O. Box 22
Toledo, IA  52342
641-484-8636 fax

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