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And the Tama County EDIE Award Winners are…

The EDIES “E.D.ies” stand for Economic Development awards, and are designed to celebrate and highlight innovation.  These awards feature undertakings by businesses, nonprofits, property owners, workforce, educational institutions, and governments of Tama County who implemented innovative solutions to real world problems in 2011.  The Tama County Economic Development Commission recognizes these progressive movements through its EDIE Awards. Last […]

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Newsletter Update: Using TimeBanks to strengthen our economy? That, and more…

It is usually around Mother’s Day of every year that we are reminded of one of the critical flaws in our good old-fashioned gross domestic product (GDP) measurement as one of the most popular means of expressing economic growth. Maybe you have seen the evidence too? Its called the “Mom Job index” where entities like […]

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U.S. Highway 30 Update: At last! Leaders are starting to agree on long-term solutions for transportation in Iowa

The present two-lane portions of U.S. Highway 30 are the most dangerous of any two-lane segments in Iowa. For the past 5+ years the Iowa U.S. Highway 30 Coalition has been working with the Iowa Department of Transportation, Federal and State Legislators, Council of Governments and Local Government as well as industry and residents to pull together resources to improve this in […]

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Wellness Update: Tama County is taking on the 100 day challenge! Are you in?

One would think that living in a rural county in the land of milk and honey with the most fertile soil in the world should automatically translate into healthy lifestyles, right? After all, Tama County, Iowa has five farmers markets selling locally grown fresh fruits and veggies (most months of the year), award winning natural and organic meat producers, Mom […]

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Diversity Update: Tama County Cultural Diversity Festival planned for May 4 & 5, 2012

“In embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a surer way to true happiness” Malcolm Gladwell, 2004 When it comes to economic productivity and community prosperity, we know that there is not one approach that is right for everyone. People are different. They enjoy different things. They even define success differently. And in understanding and optimizing […]

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Storm Update: Lessons learned from a “once in a thousand years storm”

The insurance industry refers to the July 11, 2011 straight-line wind storm that hit Tama County, Iowa as a “once in a thousand years” storm. It challenged our insurance agents, farmers, business managers and owners, and residents to deal with damages on an unprecedented scale. So what did we learn from this extreme situation? At the […]

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Home Federal Savings Bank, Toledo Iowa, 2011

Industry Update: Pinnacle Bank acquires Home Federal Savings Bank branch in Toledo, Iowa

Earlier this week the Home Federal Savings Bank branch in Toledo was sold to Pinnacle Bank. President David Burrell of Pinnacle Bank explains: “It is really a great thing for everyone involved. Home Federal Savings Bank needed capital, and Pinnacle Bank has been positioning for expansion specifically into Tama County, so it really made sense.” […]

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Elections Update: Major changes in elected officials for Tama County, Iowa’s communities in 2012

If Tama County, Iowa really is a microcosm of the national political makeup and attitudes as national media has alluded to in the past, then what would you conclude if six or seven out of twelve towns elected new mayors? Even Meskwaki elected a new chairman. It is not a surprise that in general American […]

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Education Update: Gov. Terry Branstad to explain what “world-class education” should mean to Tama County, Nov 15

On Tuesday, November 15, 2011 11:30 a.m. Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds will be holding a town hall meeting at the Reinig Toledo Center to discuss a new Education Blueprint unveiled Oct 3, 2011. They will be seeking feedback on the plan before they present it to the legislature. You can review the full proposed […]

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Storm Update: Straight-line wind storm survivors share practical wisdom on insurance policies and rebuilding after a natural disaster, Oct 25

By the time President Obama signed the major disaster declaration for Tama County, Iowa (6 weeks after of the July 11, 2011 straight-line wind storm hit) insurance companies had already paid out a record $6+ million into our local economy. Now, three months later, many stakeholders continue to work on ways to rebuild better, stronger […]

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