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A Fishing Story

Two guys go ice fishing. They decide to fish opposite sides of the lake to see where the fish are biting best. After about an hour of fishing with no success, they notice a young boy walking to the center of the lake. Within five minutes, the boy pulls a 5 pound walleye out of […]

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The Wish

A couple were dining out together celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. After the meal, the husband presented his wife romantically with a beautiful, very old, gold antique locket on a chain. Amazingly when his wife opened the locket, a tiny fairy appeared. Addressing the astonished couple, the fairy said, “Your forty years of devotion to […]

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Tama County Pitch & Build Q4 2012

Tama County Economic Development presented its second quarterly Pitch & Build event at the Reinig Center in Toledo, Iowa on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, with four entities vying for the top award.  Competitors came from Lincoln, Dysart, Garwin, and Tama County.  Judges were Dwayne Luze, chair of Tama County Economic Development, Attorney John Willett, and Sandy […]

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Tama County Pitch & Build

Tama County’s first Pitch & Build contest occurred August 28, 2012, with five concepts for home-grown business ideas or products being presented.  The competition was open to anyone in Tama County to pitch their business idea to a group of peer CEOs, business development experts, and industry professionals.  In return, they had a unique opportunity […]

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And the Tama County EDIE Award Winners are…

The EDIES “E.D.ies” stand for Economic Development awards, and are designed to celebrate and highlight innovation.  These awards feature undertakings by businesses, nonprofits, property owners, workforce, educational institutions, and governments of Tama County who implemented innovative solutions to real world problems in 2011.  The Tama County Economic Development Commission recognizes these progressive movements through its EDIE Awards. Last […]

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2011 EDIES Story 24 of 24: Response to the once in a 1,000 Year Wind Storm

On July 11, 2011 around 4 am Tama County was hit by a straight-line wind that measured forces up to 130 miles per hour before meteorological towers disintegrated. Not a single human life was lost, but $100+ million in lost productivity was suffered through the loss of animals, buildings, infrastructure, crops, and other protective vegetation. […]

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2011 EDIES Story 23 of 24: Groundbreaking Utilities Partnership Still Tastes Great in Lincoln

In 1991 it was not common for small towns to also have sewer service. But the Lincoln civic leaders all changed that when it was the first town to work with Central Iowa Water Association and the city of Gladbrook to make this a reality of its citizens. Now 20 years later these types of […]

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2011 EDIES Story 22 of 24: Many Hands Make Emergency Generator Work in Garwin

What can a community achieve if you bring together a teacher, a librarian, an electrician, a councilman, a retired businessman to make a community a better place? Alone each of these talents can do great things, but combine their talents and skills and you get a low cost generator solution at the Garwin Community Center […]

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Fun Update: Wheels are turning on the next Murder Mystery Dinner. Join us in Dysart, Jan 21.

The 1929 real world murder of Scott Rouse at Whiskey Bottom had never been solved. But last year over 120 people came together at Pilgrim Heights Camp & Retreat Center in rural Montour and assumed a unique character from the Tama County history books to piece together the originally scripted mystery with secrets to protect […]

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Storm Update: Lessons learned from a “once in a thousand years storm”

The insurance industry refers to the July 11, 2011 straight-line wind storm that hit Tama County, Iowa as a “once in a thousand years” storm. It challenged our insurance agents, farmers, business managers and owners, and residents to deal with damages on an unprecedented scale. So what did we learn from this extreme situation? At the […]

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