Tama County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Tama County
Convention and Visitors Bureau

1007 Prospect Drive
PO Box 22
Toledo, Iowa 52342
(641) 484-3108

Office Hours: Weekdays 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Meetings: Monthly, 2nd Monday, 9 a.m. 
Location rotates throughout Tama County. Public always welcome.
Click here for information on next meeting


Mary Ann Gregory                      – president
Ellen Young, Traer                     – vice president
Jamie Busch-Upah, Tama       – secretary
Lindi Roelofse, County              – treasurer

Ardene Cross, Clutier
Bob Etzel, County
Jill Deklotz, Dysart
Deb Ewoldt, Dysart
Russ Grimm, Dysart
Sheri Guillot, Dysart
Wanda Petersen, Dysart
Pamela Thiele, Dysart
Catharine Wieck, Dysart
Esther Jindrich, Gladbrook
Ann Graham, Montour
Teri Bishop, Tama
Tom & Connie Dreesman, Tama
JoAnn Ruopp, Gladbrook
Todd Ruszkowski, Tama
Vicki Ferriss, Toledo
John Kavalier, Toledo
Dharmendra Patel, Toledo
Jim Roan, Toledo
Gary & Sally Strobusch, Toledo
Joyce Wiese, Toledo
Mary Ellen Barnes, Traer
Wendy Barnes, Traer
Macey Calderwood, Traer
Jolene Holden, Traer
Jammie Howard, Traer
Amber Pokorny, Traer
Mike & Gwen Seda, Traer
Jay Whannel, Traer


  1. Central Communication Piece: Traveler Pocket Guide, 2011 – 2012
  2. Cinema & Print Ad Campaign
  3. Tabletop Event Marketing Campaign
  4. Website Campaign
  5. Tear-off Maps
  6. Quality Fun Photography Campaign
  7. Group Travels Promotional Materials & Events
  8. Marketing Video
  9. Regional and National Media Coverage
  10. Murder Mystery (Fundraising) Event
  11. One stop Calendar of Events
  12. Contribute to communities’ welcome to new residents/businesses basket
  13. Quality professional backdrop banners for special events with high visibility


  1. Convention & Visitors Bureau Update: Bus Tours coming to Tama County Small Towns Increases « Tama County, Iowa - September 24, 2010

    […] County has a spectacularly unique and successful tourism industry as a rural economy. Lending to its further growth potential are growing public-private partnerships […]

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