Tama County Diversity Alliance

1007 Prospect Drive
PO Box 22
Toledo, IA  52342
(641) 484-3108

Office Hours: Weekdays 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Meetings: Monthly, 3rd Thursday,  3:30 p.m.
Please note: we have a special pre-meeting Thu. Jan 19.  1:30 p.m. – 3:30  p.m. for training on TimeBank software.
Location Reinig Toledo Center. Public always welcome, meeting duration is about 1 hour.
Click here for information on next meeting


  1. Cultural Diversity Festival: Celebrate the foods, music, dancing, history that makes up the rich tapestry of culture in Tama County. Fri. May 4 is being positioned as the educational day in partnership with our 8 school districts. Sat. May 5 would be for the pure fun part inviting not just Tama County residents but all 1.3 million people within a 1 hour driving radius to visit one of the most culturally diverse counties in Iowa.
  2. TimeBank: Social currency program that allows a person to deposit an hour of time credit in a way that they can add value in exchange for receiving an hour of time credit of another person’s pool of talents or expertise.
  3. FamilyTable: Small intimate group of 6-8 people from different walks of life come together at one person’s home to share a meal and discuss a specific topic on interest from a variety of points of view. The composition of the groups, hosts and topics continually changes with every gathering.
  4. PenPals: High school student led program that matches diverse people together of a similar age group to learn about each other.
  5. TEDx: Inspirational 18 minute talks focused on forward thinking leadership.
  6. Cultural Diversity Education Center: educational and workforce hub that is being proposed for downtown Tama. Similar to the one that Iowa Valley Community College currently has in downtown Marshalltown. It is not just for Hispanic population and currently residents of Tama County actively uses it. It is not very big, but always busy and it operates with on location paid staff support. Specific services include: technology training, English Second Language classes, work skills, etc.
  7. Summer Lunch Program: June 2012 South Tama & Meskwaki School District (at the very least) will offer free hot nutritious lunch for kids 2-18, and $2 for adults. Can this be an opportunity to connect with families and especially kids reaching some of our population that is unreachable during traditional school channels. Could we use this to provide access to educational opportunities for things like cultural diversity, health and nutrition, community service to nonprofits, entrepreneurship, personal finance, etc.?


Christina Blackcloud Garcia
Meskwaki Tribal Government
Tracy Brady
Tama Downtown Development
Jonathan Buffalo
Meskwaki Historic Preservation
Becca Chyma
Chyma’s Machine & Welding
Ryan Currens
Tama County Emergency Management
Micki Ferris
Ann Graham
Pilgrim Heights Camp & Retreat Center
Victoria Hamilton
South Tama School District
Midge Horton
Tama County Economic Development Executive Board
Jamie Huntley
North Tama School District
Maurice Johnson
Meskwaki Attorney General
Alan Kline
Larry Lasley
Meskwaki Economic Development
Joyce Legg
Tama County Public Health
Dwayne Luze
Dysart Development Corporation
Yvonne Mallory
Iowa Valley Community College District
Kristi Martin
North Tama School District
Kristina Martinez
North Tama School District
Sandy McAntire
Kissing Emu Farms
Kerri Nelson
South Tama School District
Erica Podhajsky
North Tama School District
Lindi Roelofse
Tama County Economic Development Executive Director
Donna Sampson
Region 6 Planning
Mario Sanchez
Iowa Workforce
Ivy Sievers
Garden on the Prairie
Ruth Sjostrom
South Tama School District
Stephanie Snow
Meskwaki Historic Preservation
Jim Tekippe
Tama County Mental Health
Manuel Villagrana
Radio Z95.5 FM
Julie Vokoun
Tama County Emergency Management


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