Housing Programs

Region 6 Housing Trust Fund
Affordable Housing Assistance Program

Up to $25,000 of housing improvement assistance is available, in the form of a 5-year loan.  Some of the loan amount will be forgivable and some repayable, depending upon income.  Eligible types of projects include roofing improvements including soffits, fascia, gutters and downspouts, siding, windows and doors improvements, other exterior repairs and furnace replacement.  Eligible properties must be owner-occupied with financing from a conventional mortgage or owned outright; no assistance can be awarded on homes that are being purchased on contract or are located in a flood plain.

Rental property owners will qualify for a 2% APR 5-year mortgage and shall contribute 10% of the rehabilitation project cost; all new tenants for 5 years must also meet the program income guidelines.  

Income Limits (subject to change):

Household size      80% Area Median Income

1                              $33,400       
2                              $38,200          
3                              $42,950           
4                              $47,700               
5                              $51,550                        
6                              $55,350
7                              $59,150           
8                              $63,000                    

Applications will be accepted continuously and will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Click here for application or contact Donna Sampson at Region 6 Planning, 800-417-4699, 641-752-0717, or dsampson@region6planning.org.


First Time Homebuyer & Veterans Homeownership
Assistance Improvement Grant Program

Up to $24,999 of grant funds are available from Region 6 Planning Commission to assist first time homebuyers and veterans improve owner occupied housing at the time of purchase.   Up to an additional $4,500 of qualified, lead-based paint reduction activities can also be done.  With this program, homeowners are not required to pay any of the improvement funds provided they live in the home an additional 10 years; otherwise a percentage of the funds will need to be repaid.  

Income Limits (subject to change):

Household size      Family Income

1                              $33,400       
2                              $38,200          
3                              $42,950           
4                              $47,700               

Eligible types of projects include roofing, siding, windows & doors, soffit & fascia, gutters, minor electrical and panel improvements, painting, insulation, furnaces, air conditioning, radon testing & mitigation, and hot water heaters.  

Funds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Click here for an application or contact Mike Wentzien at Region 6 Planning at 1-800-417-4699, 641-752-0717, or mwentzien@region6planning.org.

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