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Big Hat

A young businessman had just started his own firm. He’d rented a beautiful office and had it beautifully furnished with very rare and expensive antiques. Sitting there, on the first day in his over-stuffed chair he saw a man come into the outer office. Wishing to appear busy, the businessman picked up the phone and […]

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Monsters Under Your Bed

A man had been visiting a therapist because he had a very real fear of monsters living under his bed. The man had been seeing this doctor every week for several years. Every week he would come in and the doctor would ask “have you made any progress?”  Every time the man would say “no”. […]

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The Talent Test

Two sons work for their father on the family’s farm. The younger brother had for some years been given more responsibility and allowance, and one day the older brother asks his father to explain why. The father says, “First, go to the Kelly’s farm and see if they have any geese for sale – we […]

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Cold Turkey Lessons

A retired sergeant major inherited a talking parrot from a recently departed relative who had run a busy dockside pub. For the first few days in his new home the normally talkative parrot was distinctly shy. The old major, despite his stern and disciplined ways, felt sorry for the bird, and gently encouraged it with […]

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Lipstick Kisses

A school principal was alerted by the janitor to a persistent problem in the girl’s bathroom: some of the girl students were leaving lipstick kisses on the mirrors. The janitor had left notices on the bathroom walls asking for the practice to cease, but to no avail; every evening the janitor would wipe away the […]

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The butcher

A butcher, who had had a particularly good day, proudly flipped his last chicken on a scale and weighed it. “That will be $5.25,” he told the customer. “That’s a good price, but it really is a little too small,” said the woman. “Don’t you have anything larger?” Hesitating, but thinking fast, the clerk returned […]

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This past Friday night I sat is the stands watching two very evenly matched High School teams battle on the field. Walking out of the stadium I asked myself the question– “why did the one team win?” A lot of thoughts went through my head; defense, quarterback play, coaching? The next morning the question of […]

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All that Glitters

One day my son Cael (seven at the time) burst into my home office very excited. “Dad I know what I want for Christmas… Bendaroos!!! I saw the commercial on Nickelodeon and they are amazing!”  I asked several questions trying to discover more specifics of exactly what a Bendaroo was – I discovered that they were […]

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Wall Street Lessons From The Farm

An old saying often used by traders on Wall Street, “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered” is intended to explain that those who work hard will get what they deserve but those who try to gain something for nothing will not get very far. In my opinion the sophisticated Wall Street business giants should […]

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I have to get something off my chest. I must confess one of my flaws (yes plural) is that I am not a very tolerant person. People can really get under my skin and annoy me; here are some examples: The driver who won’t turn right on red. The engineer that developed the sugar cone […]

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