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Q3 2013 Tama County Pitch & Build

The Tama County Q3 2013 Pitch & Build occurred on August 27, 2013 with presentations on a health food restaurant in Toledo, a curbside recycling business in Tama-Toledo, a new specialty shop in Gladbrook, and a baseball training complex in Tama County.  Updates were made on the Oakridge Motocross Park in rural Garwin and RMA Supply Company […]

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Tama County Pitch & Build Q4 2012

Tama County Economic Development presented its second quarterly Pitch & Build event at the Reinig Center in Toledo, Iowa on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, with four entities vying for the top award.  Competitors came from Lincoln, Dysart, Garwin, and Tama County.  Judges were Dwayne Luze, chair of Tama County Economic Development, Attorney John Willett, and Sandy […]

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Mid-Iowa Cooperative

Construction is progressing on a grain storage and fertilizer products plant at the junction of U.S. Highway 63 and County Road E29 north of Toledo and east of Garwin.  The Mid-Iowa Cooperative facility will include high speed grain receiving of 30,000 bushels per hour, two 1,200-bushel grain pits, a 10,000 bushel-per-hour grain dryer, grain storage in excess of three […]

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2011 EDIES Story 24 of 24: Response to the once in a 1,000 Year Wind Storm

On July 11, 2011 around 4 am Tama County was hit by a straight-line wind that measured forces up to 130 miles per hour before meteorological towers disintegrated. Not a single human life was lost, but $100+ million in lost productivity was suffered through the loss of animals, buildings, infrastructure, crops, and other protective vegetation. […]

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2011 EDIES Story 22 of 24: Many Hands Make Emergency Generator Work in Garwin

What can a community achieve if you bring together a teacher, a librarian, an electrician, a councilman, a retired businessman to make a community a better place? Alone each of these talents can do great things, but combine their talents and skills and you get a low cost generator solution at the Garwin Community Center […]

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Elections Update: Major changes in elected officials for Tama County, Iowa’s communities in 2012

If Tama County, Iowa really is a microcosm of the national political makeup and attitudes as national media has alluded to in the past, then what would you conclude if six or seven out of twelve towns elected new mayors? Even Meskwaki elected a new chairman. It is not a surprise that in general American […]

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Storm Update: Straight-line wind storm survivors share practical wisdom on insurance policies and rebuilding after a natural disaster, Oct 25

By the time President Obama signed the major disaster declaration for Tama County, Iowa (6 weeks after of the July 11, 2011 straight-line wind storm hit) insurance companies had already paid out a record $6+ million into our local economy. Now, three months later, many stakeholders continue to work on ways to rebuild better, stronger […]

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Storm Update: How are business opportunities and our job market impacted by the 7/11/11 Derecho

Tama County, Iowa has been holding strong on a $13.42 average hourly wage through the recession, and rebounded to a 6.1% unemployment before the straight-line storm hit. Though this is very comparable to the State’s 6.0% unemployment, (and extremely favorable compared to the national 9.1% unemployment) wages are still significantly lower in Tama County than […]

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Storm Update: Day 2 of recovery from July 11, 2011 Hurricane of the Prairie

We now have a name for the devastating act of nature that hit Tama County, Iowa yesterday, July 11, 2011. The formal report is not yet in, but experts believe that it was not a tornado, (though every bit as devastating and much more rare.) It was a persistent high-speed straight-line wind storm, a Hurricane of the […]

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Storm Update: Early damage reports on the Monday July 11, 2011 storm

Around 4 a.m. this morning a storm with winds between 70 and 100 miles per hour swept through Tama County, Iowa doing damage to real estate, infrastructure, vegetation and crops. At this time we are not aware of any fatalities or injuries. To view images of the consequences of the storm, click here. Some eyewitness […]

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