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Tama County Pitch & Build Q4 2012

Tama County Economic Development presented its second quarterly Pitch & Build event at the Reinig Center in Toledo, Iowa on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, with four entities vying for the top award.  Competitors came from Lincoln, Dysart, Garwin, and Tama County.  Judges were Dwayne Luze, chair of Tama County Economic Development, Attorney John Willett, and Sandy […]

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2011 EDIES Story 23 of 24: Groundbreaking Utilities Partnership Still Tastes Great in Lincoln

In 1991 it was not common for small towns to also have sewer service. But the Lincoln civic leaders all changed that when it was the first town to work with Central Iowa Water Association and the city of Gladbrook to make this a reality of its citizens. Now 20 years later these types of […]

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Elections Update: Major changes in elected officials for Tama County, Iowa’s communities in 2012

If Tama County, Iowa really is a microcosm of the national political makeup and attitudes as national media has alluded to in the past, then what would you conclude if six or seven out of twelve towns elected new mayors? Even Meskwaki elected a new chairman. It is not a surprise that in general American […]

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Fun Update: New Tama County Pocket Travel Guide features 100+ experiences to make your life more colorful

Get in touch with Tama County, Iowa. Over one hundred attractions nestled amongst natural beauty off the beaten path just got easier to find! The Tama County Travel Guide invites travelers and area residents to (re)discover how authentic experiences with family and friends add meaning and color to our lives. With this new and improved booklet we make […]

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Green Energy Update: Want to find out what new energy solutions may be coming to Tama County in 2014?

Iowa is already #1 in feeding and fueling the nation as a net exporter in many energy related categories. But are there ways to do this more efficiently? Getting energy to bigger markets without losing … energy? Clean Line Energy believes they have a solution. And they may be willing to pay Tama County landowners, and […]

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Utilities Update: Tama County, Iowa has the best rural water in the USA?

After a series of taste tests and examinations, the winner of the Great American Water Taste Test was announced on February 9 at the 2011 National Rural Water Association Rally in Washington, D.C. Central Iowa Water Association won the gold medal award and title of the best tasting rural water in the USA. Silver medal went […]

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Best of Tama County curbside appeal: Who was behind standout improvements launched over the past 3 years?

Without exception, each of Tama County’s towns invested in curbside appeal over the past 3 years. City Councils, nonprofits, businesses, residents and others were all examples of the catalysts that transformed the face of our towns. At the August Commission Roundtable we discussed the resources and skills that made these developments possible, as well as […]

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New Strategic Investment Plan unveiled for a better future of Tama County, Iowa

Economic development organizations do not get featured in the limelight every time new jobs, new capital investment, and increased efficiency happen, but Tama County Economic Development Commission’s investments, influence and innovative approach make real improvements and help unlock Tama County, Iowa’s potential. The Commission works in partnership with any organization or individual that can use […]

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Grants Update: Do you have ideas for making Tama County even more beautiful?

“What a beautiful small town. I can see that the people who live here care about this place. So tell me about the workforce availability…”                          Traer Manufacturing prospect, 2009 This would be one example of what we hear from prospects (who are considering investing millions of dollars into our economy) when we visit industrial building […]

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Foundation Update: 40 Nonprofits to make $2.9M direct economic impact

A Foundation is a different kind of organization. It does not put out fires. It does not rescue animals. Nor does it educate young people on how to use new technology. However, it does create and grow financial resources in perpetuity to help nonprofits fulfill community needs. In 2010 $95K was awarded to 40 community organizations/projects […]

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