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Real Estate Update: Investment Interest in Hwy 30 Bypass Properties surges again

A hot topic to a number of prospects this past week has been new construction, expansion and new investment in properties on the new US Highway 30 Bypass through Tama-Toledo. Some prospects are recognizing the future potential of this strip as US Highway 30 is expected to continue increasing its absorption of Interstate 80 traffic. […]

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New Strategic Investment Plan unveiled for a better future of Tama County, Iowa

Economic development organizations do not get featured in the limelight every time new jobs, new capital investment, and increased efficiency happen, but Tama County Economic Development Commission’s investments, influence and innovative approach make real improvements and help unlock Tama County, Iowa’s potential. The Commission works in partnership with any organization or individual that can use […]

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Historic Preservation Update: Is Tama County one of the most historically rich rural counties of Iowa?

Upon news that Tama County was designated as an Iowa Great Place a Meskwaki Tribal Councilman commented: “We knew this was a great place a long time ago, that is why we bought our first 80 acres in 1857.” The early Tama County Czech and German settlers had a very similar opinion as 288 Tama […]

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Partnership Update: Meskwaki signs 28E agreement to join Tama County Economic Development Commission

It is a pleasure to share news that the Tama County Economic Development Commission partnerships got stronger this morning when the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa joined into their first 28E Partnership. We look forward to continue building on the assets of having a culturally diverse economic base, pioneering rural accomplishments, […]

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Education Update: Iowa Valley Community College District prepares for bold new moves

Iowa Valley Community College held their Strategic Meeting last week. A diverse group of about 100 persons participated.  Across eight question categories of ideas for improvement sought, a dominant theme emerged:  increasing efficient communication on various information sharing platforms. Ultimately this boiled down to a need for a unified brand for all three campuses, e.g: […]

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Tama County Casino Update: Commission asks tough questions to protect the integrity of Gaming in Iowa

One thing was apparent at the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission hearing today in Johnston, Iowa: opening a casino is not the same as opening a downtown fabric store. This was clear as the Commission listened to hundreds of individuals voice their opinions in 3 minute sound bites over 4.5 hours. Opinions both for and against four […]

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Great Places Update: $2M appropriated

Thank you to the Iowa Legislators for appropriating $2M towards Iowa Great Places for the next fiscal year. In order to gain access to the funds, Iowa Attorney General’s grant agreement outlines a legal need for increased governmental collaboration (an economic principle also critical in rural Iowa long-term capacity building.) For Tama County that means that […]

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