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Workforce 101: What insight does “unemployment” REALLY reveal about our economy?

Unemployment expresses the number or percentage of workers who lost employment without blame being assigned. It is especially concerning to our macro economy when such workers with valuable qualities and skills don’t find similar or better employment opportunities within a short period of time because society loses out when they are not adding value to […]

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Entrepreneurship Update: Can you use the recession to diversify and grow your bottom-line too?

During the Tama County Entrepreneurship Trust’s October meeting, we visited about recent changes affecting the financing landscape in Tama County Iowa. The following six sectors got special attention on account of the attendees’ specific areas of interest and expertise around the table: USDA vs. SBA funding: Now that new federal changes have been announced, what […]

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Tama County Industry asks: “Where are the unemployed workers? We have jobs for them.”

Yesterday we got a phone call from a manufacturing plant in Tama County. Cletus Rowan, President of Rowan Equipment & Fabrication, explained that they have new contracts and opportunities, but the area workforce are not applying: “We need a Welder, Draft Person, a Chip and Grinding Person. Where are the unemployed workers looking for jobs?” […]

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Employment Update: What skills are most in demand at this time in Tama County?

Usually the last indicator that an economy is returning back to health would be returning jobs. And as we count the returning jobs, June 2010 marked the first time since October 2008 that Iowa’s non-farm employment payroll jobs have been positive year-over-year. That being said, Tama County and Iowa, had not experienced the same level […]

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General Update: Annual Report to the 28E public partners have been completed

Every year, around the time when the cherry blossoms up and down Tama County’s streets start blooming is when we visit with each of the twelve city councils and county supervisors that make up Tama County Economic Development Commission for the annual report. This year we also left a present at each city hall: a […]

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