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TCED serves as the point of contact for economic development to advance local projects that contribute to our Tama County prosperity.  We work with local partners to achieve results.  We work with regional organizations to collaborate and connect to the central Iowa region.  We work with our State of Iowa partners to uncover and leverage the resources available to help further the current economic development projects and goals for Tama County.

We engage community leaders, get the private sector involved and demonstrate that Tama County can get things done.  We assist with small business development and promotion, housing, community facilities, tourism development and marketing, intergovernmental cooperation, historic preservation, cultivation of our natural and cultural resources, industrial business development and assistance, and so much more.

Economic development is all about improving the lives of our citizens.  Yes, we look at the long-term and develop specific tasks and timelines to reach those goals, but we also concentrate our efforts on the immediate needs that make an instant impact on our communities.  TCED makes efficient use of our resources and we pride ourselves on our constant search for ways to leverage our resources and develop partnerships.  Even during challenging times, we have grown the local tax-base.  We are determined to make Tama County stronger, more vibrant, and resilient.

We take a strategic approach.  We strengthen our local resources and look for opportunities to attract new development.  If you want more information about why Tama County could be the right fit for you, reach out.  Tama County Economic Development is happy to assist.


Katherine Ollendieck
Executive Director

Tama County Economic Development
211 W. State Street, P.O. Box 22
Toledo, IA  52342
641-484-8636 fax

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