City of Elberon, Iowa

106 Main Street
P.O. Box 144
Elberon, IA  52225


Council meets monthly, 1st Monday, 6:30 pm

Mayor Robert Kesl
Rynonda Franzen
Scott Pippert
Donald Curry
Nancy Braasch
Jerry Fintel

A temporary name for the town was Halifax.  However, patriotic fervor was high at the time because of the assassination of the nation’s president, James Abram Garfield, who died September 19, 1881, at Elberon, NJ.  Elberon, Iowa was named in honor of that eastern suburb.  The name is not Indian, as some suppose, but is an elision of the name of L.B. Brown, who was one of the founders of the original Elberon.  (An elision is leaving out or slurring over letters in a pronunciation.)

As with many Tama County communities, the city of Elberon owes its existence to the coming of the railroad.  A town was surveyed in September of 1881 just south of the proposed Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad line.  Land was purchased from Mr. T. Prindle, and the plat for the town was filed in February of 1882.  Elberon was incorporated in October of 1883, with the first town officials elected five months later.

Youth and adults alike worked together in fundraising efforts to improve the city park in 2001.  A hand-crafted wooden train sits at the eastern edge of town for youngsters to enjoy.

In 2005/06, the city constructed a library addition to the community building.

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