City of Lincoln, Iowa

101 North Street
P.O. Box 121
Lincoln, IA  50652


Council meets monthly, 1st Tuesday, 6:30 pm

Mayor Trent Wentzien
Richard Ellis
Michelle Clark
Vance Sebbert
John Eilers
Dale Meyer

With the coming of the railroad, a new town was born.  Mr. Charles Spencer was the first to locate in the town as he owned most of the land.  The town was in need of a name and Mr. Spencer decided to name the new town for himself, but a short time later found out there was already a Spencer so he picked the name “Augusta” in honor of his wife.  Again he learned that his choice had been used for another town.  Finally it was decided to call the new town “Bellin” for a town in Scotland which his wife loved.  The word was misinterpreted and appeared as “Berlin” on the official maps and document.  Because it was a German community, the name Berlin was accepted and became official.  In 1913 Berlin was incorporated.

Life continued smoothly for people in this little town until the outbreak of World War I.  Soon those of German birth or descent were subject to verbal and physical abuse by those who questioned their loyalties.  To demonstrate their support of the United States and to indicate that the majority of the people were loyal to her, the council decided to select another name for the town.  It was suggested that “Lincoln” be chosen and on June 12, 1918, the name was approved.

The city council strives to keep Lincoln a clean city.  A new water and sewer system have recently been installed.

3 Comments on “City of Lincoln, Iowa”

  1. Lester Louis Wiese Jr. February 6, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    I am seeking information as to the origin of the Grandfather of Lester Wiese. Lester was born on the farm that became the Al Collins property after the Father of Lillian Wiese Collins, took ownership away from Louis Wiese and gave it to Collins. It is this man, ( I do not remember his first name)Wiese, Father to Lillian, Ed, Bill, Louis, & ‘Veena. that is the subject of this inquiry. I believe that members of the Collins familiy stiil live near Lincoln.

    I believe he was killed in an automobile accident on a road in Tama County.

    There are members of the family buried at the Rose or Walnut hill cemetary close by Lincoln or perhaps Gladbrook….my memory serves me badly.

    I visited the hardware store in Lincoln ( the Lady/owner remembered the Wieses & the Collins” ) & the then vacant Collins homestead in the ’60’s.

    Any info you may be able to provide, I’d sincerely appreciate.

    Many, thanks, Lester Louis Wiese Jr.

  2. Melissa Martin February 26, 2015 at 10:36 pm #

    I am wondering what kind of building codes there are in town for building on an empty lot. Thank you for your time!

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